Do it because it has a huge impact on you. You will start thinking more positive, right from the first minute you have started doing it. You may not notice, but it does happen.

Your positive thinking, no matter how little and insignificant seems to be, will determine your day, by guiding your actions to a constructive and productive purpose. At least, a better purpose than the one led by fearful, stressed, negative actions, influenced by your so tired and sad facial expression.


“Why would I smile? What if people will think I am a loser?”

I never thought about anyone smiling that they might be losers. Did you do it? Well then, shame on you!

One thing these people are aware of is that life passes too fast to waste a second, a minute or an entire day and not smile.

Have you ever felt like your day is miserable and then a person on the street or a friend smiled at you and suddenly, you started feeling better?

If yes, I am sure you remember how good it felt to see that someone cares. Because yes, smiling represents a way of caring about someone or something, whether it is a person, the environment or an injured dog you saw on the street. It feels good to know that someone cares about you, about what happened to you, about the way you are feeling.


“And what if I smile at someone and they do not smile back at me? I will feel ashamed.”

People do not smile because of so many reasons and almost all of them are because the people around them never smile or because they are afraid to do it and not receiving a smile back from the other person. They are afraid of feeling humiliated or being the first one to smile at someone.

First of all, no one will ever make themselves fools in front of someone because of smiling, even if that person did not smile back at you.

Second of all, if all people would be afraid of all the above-written reasons then, no one would ever smile at you and you would never smile at someone.


Thus, my advice is: try smiling for a day and see where it gets you. Just try, and not only you but others will be thankful for it too!