I’ve always been wondering about the people around me who seemed to accomplish everything they had in mind. And I asked myself: Why does it seem to be so easy for them to do so many things I find difficult to accomplish myself? Then, I realised one of the most important aspects these people do in their life: They are at peace with themselves.

Paying attention to their actions and the way they managed to act in certain situations was so simple. It was so simple because they loved and appreciated themselves as they are. They accepted themselves, both with their flaws and assets. They did not complicate their life by creating unnecessary conflicts within themselves because they did not look like a model, or because they are not talented or gifted in something particular. Instead, they tried and did their best to develop something that they already had discovered in their capabilities, they tried to highlight a physical detail that they liked the most when looking in the mirror. So, instead of wasting time on complaining or disappreciating their hindrances, these people used their time for receiving the benefits from what they already have. What do you particularly observe when looking in the mirror? Which of your behaviours makes you feel like this is the right way of being?

Answer now and start LOVING YOURSELF, because if you are not going to, why would you expect others to do it? Expect all from you and just then, you can start expecting something from the people around you.