From a long time ago I got on my mind the idea of starting a blog, playing the piano or dyeing my hair ginger. What stopped me? Well, when I think about it, the answers or the ‘excuses’ that come to my mind are my parents, the fact that I am still living with them and using their money as I will start my last year of high school in exactly one week. And then I start thinking, just wait a second, my wishes are common, let’s say average. It doesn’t cost me a huge amount of money and I’m not killing anyone’s life by doing any of it. Then what does stop me from doing it? The only single answer is NOTHING.

To any problem, there will always be a solution. You just have to want to find it and to do it NOW, right now, in the present moment, at this particular moment. Because the present is the only certainty you have, as the past is past and won’t ever happen again most probably, and the future, well, the present is way too important to waste it on thinking about the future which is improbable. So, TRY YOUR BEST NOW. You deserve it! Never forget that.